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About the Space

Located in the heart of Metairie, The Alexander Room and Terrace is truly a hidden gem. The Alexander Room was conceived and built by the International Brotherhood of Electricians in 1984. The intent was for The Alexander Room to be a contender among Metairie’s event venues. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the room was never marketed to the general public. In 2014, Troy and Cindy Timphony of Hobnobber Café were approached with the idea of taking over the catering, management and marketing of the Alexander Room. Over the course of the next few years improvements were made, menus prepared and website and social media added to bring you the polished jewel that is The Alexander Room and Terrace.​


The Alexander Room is 5000 square feet of indoor space and a Terrace with an additional 4000 square feet of space. With the recent addition of our outdoor speakers and festoon lighting, you can party under the stars without missing a beat. 

About the Staff

Troy and Cindy’s story began at Hobnobber. They met at the Gravier Street location in 1984 and were married in that same spot 2 years later. Their journey took them to Plano, Texas where they operated the cafeteria for a large government facility, but their love of New Orleans and family brought them home. In 1991, they took a chance at opening their own restaurant and Hobnobber Restaurant on Clearview Parkway and W. Metairie was born. The neighborhood welcomed them and many friendships were made over the ten years of meals they served there. In 2004 the Hobnobber Café opened its doors a little further down on West Metairie and they, along with their 3 children, Ryan, Jenna and Rachel, have proudly served the community ever since. 


Troy & Cindy Timphony have served the Metro area for a quarter century. Over the years they have had the privilege of sharing milestones in their customers’ lives through catering. Whether it was the birth and christening of a new baby, celebrating the engagement, wedding or anniversary of a couple in love or sometimes even helping loved ones remember a life well-lived, their food has graced the table. They are honored to have been a part of each experience. They, along with a staff consisting solely of family and friends,  look forward to sharing your special event.

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